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Technical information about our images

The instantly downloadable images we sell are provided in easy to use JPEG format (.jpg filename extension) which can be opened and edited by many common software programs. Most of our downloads are based on high resolution scans that will produce excellent printed materials in formats that are 5" x 7" to 16"x20", or even larger. NOTE: Purchased images will not show the watermark.

SCAN RESOLUTION: Shown below each thumbnail picture of our downloadable products is a set of numbers that indicate the resolution and size of the image. The first number shows the resolution at which the source image was scanned; typically between 96dpi and 600dpi (dots per inch). Higher numbers indicate higher resolutions and 300-600dpi is considered to be high resolution. By clicking on the thumbnail image you will see the picture in a larger size, but be advised that most of the high resolution preview images have been compressed so that they will load into the website more quickly. This means that they do not show the full quality of the download files that can be purchased.

RESOLUTION AND SOURCE IMAGE SIZE: The second number indicates the size of the image (width x height) in pixels. These numbers range from the hundreds of pixels, to the thousands for the high resolution files. By dividing the number of pixels by the resolution you can determine the size of the image and how large it will be if printed at 100%. For example, a picture measuring 8" x 10" and scanned at 600dpi will produce a digital image that measures 4800x6000 pixels. The same original image scanned at 300dpi would measure 2400x3000 pixels and would still be 8" x 10" when printed at 100% (see "Notes on Pixel Dimensions," below).

PURCHASING THE CORRECT RESOLUTION IMAGE: When considering your purchases, it is important to understand this information so that you can select images that have the appropriate size and resolution for your project. For large scale prints that you plan to frame, the larger sizes (more pixels) that have been are scanned at higher resolutions are best (300dpi and higher). For smaller projects like collages, buttons or jewelry, smaller size images at lower resolutions will work quite well. Our experience has been that any images scanned in the 400-600dpi range will produce excellent quality enlargements as much as 1.5 times their original image size. Scans in the 96-150dpi resolution range are only suitable for printing at the original source material size, or smaller, due to their lower resolution. These images are ideal for incorporating into smaller prints for group framing, or for craft projects like collages, buttons or jewelry.

NOTES ON PIXEL DIMENSIONS: We do our best to provide accurate information on the size of our images, but in some cases we have approximated (rounded) the pixel dimensions to expedite the entry of data into our website. These approximations will still provide a very good idea of the size of the image and resulting print quality. 

For more information about scanning, resolution, dpi and pixels, please visit the following site:

For an automatic table to convert pixels to inches (and vice versa), please visit this site: