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November 12, 2012: We have purchased advanced large format scanning equipment to handle some of our larger prints. These include the well known fish prints by S. F. Denton. We believe that the new equipment is providing superior results, so we are re-scanning all of the Denton illustrations, as well as the work of many other wildlife artists. In addition, we will be offering archival quality prints of these works in sizes from 5" x 7" to 11" x 14". Thanks to all of our customers around the world, especially from our Etsy store:  

October 3, 2012: The good folks at Guroom (Lisa Zigel) added one of our images to their virtual interior design gallery: You can see how these Vintimagery items were incorporated by clicking the following link: (see falcon print on left wall) .

March 3, 2012: Over the next week we will be uploading hundreds of new and interesting images in a wide variety of categories. Many of these files are super high quality, appropriate for larger format reproductions. Even the smaller ones will look great in prints as large as 5" x 7". We are thankful that so many customers have discovered us through our Etsy shop and now we encourage them to come to our main website for a larger selection and for the "instant download" feature. Our S.F. Denton fish prints from 1903 (New York Fish and Wildlife Report) are really proving popular. These are super high resolution (400dpi) and large in size (4800 x 3500 pixels) for large scale reproduction - Great for framed gifts!

February 1, 2012: After decades of collecting a wide variety of ephemera and vintage graphic imagery, we have finally launched this modest website to share our favorites with the general public. It is our goal to provide you with the most interesting and high quality images in an instantly downloadable electronic format so that you can use them to produce your own creative works. We will be continually uploading more images as time permits, so keep checking our site for new items. Thanks for taking the time to visit us!